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This post renews continually.

Writing is very important in academic research, like what salesmen do in saling, a good writing can convey clear and none-trival information to your listeners. And words and phreses are the foundamental parts in writing.

This post contains English words and phreases I learned during my paper-reading hours.

  • characterize as, means describe something as …

  • shed light on, to clarify or supply additional information on

  • unilateral, A unilateral decision or action is taken by only one of the groups, organizations, or countries that are involved in a particular situation, without the agreement of the others.

  • altruism, Altruism is unselfish concern for other people’s happiness and welfare.

  • reciprocal, A reciprocal action or agreement involves two people or groups who do the same thing to each other or agree to help each another in a similar way.

  • temporal, of or relating to time.

  • quasi, as if; as it were; seemingly; seeming, for example, quasi-simutaneously means seemingly simultaneously but.

  • one-shot, A one-shot thing is made or happens only once.

I think developing a smart webapp which stores words and phrases is of vital significance, I will use mongodb, flask to develop it and I wish machine learning models can be applied in this app.

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