About me

Currently, I am a graduate student at South China University of Technology(SCUT), and my research interests are Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analysis!

Privous Blogs

You can read my previous blogs: http://goingmyway.cn/oldblog


  1. A simple CNN multi-digits recognizer based on TensorFlow, inspired by Goodfellow’s paper, available on http://goingmyway.cn:5000/, opensourced on Github.

  2. ViZDoom agents implemented by A3C and other Reinforcement Learning algorithms, the code is available on Github. You can also watch the videos on YouTube.

  3. Progressive Neural Network, built on TensorFlow, the code is on Github.

  4. A simple 2-D smartcab implemented by tabular Q-learning, the code is available on Github.

  5. My LeetCode Solution, available on Github.


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I am a ML and RL research student